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Our Products : Aluminum Frame Aluminum Door Aluminum Window Aluminum Partition Partition Glass Gypsum Partition Aluminum Sliding Door Aluminum Foldable Door Spandrell Aluminum Door Expanda Door Glass door Showcase Aluminum Kitchen Set Aluminum Composite Panel Aneka Kaca By using various brands of basic materials as follows:

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- Aluminum: brand YKK, Alexindo, Alcomexindo, Hp metal, Alko, Aluprima, Supereks.

- Glass: Asahi Mass brand, Honor - Composite panel: using Aluminum Composite Aluminum Panel brand, Aluprima, MCbond, Alucopan, Alucobon, Alpolic, Alumatec, etc.


The cutting and assembly process is carried out by our Alumika Design who receive technical training professionally.

The prices listed on our file are subject to change without notice.

Trust all the needs of your glass window aluminum door frame with the best service from us.


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